Water… can you think of anything else on the planet that we take so much for granted? Here in Texas the abundance, or lack, of this precious natural resource has played a decisive role in the state’s history, economic development, politics, agricultural policies, and community development. Forecasts indicate that the Lone Star State will be even more dependent on the availability of water in the future than it was in the past.

We tend to assume that water will be there whenever we need it – and not just any water, but clean, safe and abundant water. Consumers are accustomed to turning on the faucet and receiving an unlimited stream of water usable for any purpose. Current water use practices reflect a world where water is readily available and cheap. However, as we approach the intersection of “Population Growth” and “Limited Resource,” our mindset is changing. How can we maintain supplies of this indispensable resource and use it more wisely?

Leaders in the water community have the daunting but exhilarating task of ensuring our state’s water future. Along the way, one of our biggest challenges will be educating water consumers in the art of conservation and inspiring them to take charge of their water use patterns. We also need to help consumers “know the worth of water” so that they will treat it with greater respect, join stewardship efforts, and take ownership of local conservation endeavors.

With this challenge in mind, the goal of WATER U is to provide timely and accurate information to help inform consumers about regional efforts to provide a secure supply of potable water for our communities today and into the future.