Did you know that some estimates indicate that up to 80% of water can be used for irrigation?

Did you know that up to 50% of that water is often wasted?

Avoiding excessive irrigation is the best way to conserve water and keep our water bills as low as possible – Water Less and Save More!

How do we water less?

There are a few ways –

  • Learn about how much water your lawn really needs to thrive.
  • Take control of your sprinkler system to minimize the number of watering cycles and the length of each cycle. Be sue to water at the right time of day or night.
  • Take advantage of technology to make informed decisions.

The Water Authority has resources to help with all of this.

Irry Gator

One of those resources is Irry-Gator the alligator. Irry-Gator is working to spread the word about water conservation and irrigation. One of the things that Irry-Gator wants you to know is that the Water Authority has sponsored a weather station that is installed at our Pump Station #1 near Jersey Village.

This weather station is part of a partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife and a network of 57 weather stations combined with the best science available to determine how much water your lawn needs to thrive.

Once you sign up, the website or mobile app sends alerts with weekly watering recommendations. You can choose your closest weather station.