One way a Municipal Utility District or MUDs can conserve drinking water is by not wasting it through irrigation. The West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCWRA) has set up a system where MUDs can be reimbursed either in part or wholly for capturing and reusing wastewater treatment plant effluent and/or rainwater runoff. Setting up either of these systems can be a win-win for the MUDs. Not only do they not have to pay pumpage fees for high quality water that is just put on the ground, they can get paid back in credit for the direct construction costs of the water capture system they put in place based on the current WHCRWA guidelines. The credit is to be applied to the District’s monthly Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) fee which is equal to 50% of the current WHCRWA rate. The credit will also remain in effect for up to a ten-year period, as determined by the contract agreed upon by both the District and the WHCRWA.