The WHCRWA invites area residents to participate in a FREE program designed to take most of the guesswork out of when to water the lawn and landscape areas ! WATER MY YARD is based on a scientific process – Evapotranspiration (or E.T.) – that is as old as time. E.T. is a measurement of the total amount of water needed to grow plants and crops. The term is a combination of the word evaporation (loss of water from the soil in the form of a vapor or gas) and the word transpiration (the loss of water from the plants and grasses themselves). Instead of phoning home…this E.T. sends subscribers a watering alert via text or email!

Turf grass – primarily St. Augustine — is the largest irrigated “crop” in America. During spring and summer months, about 80 percent of residential water use is for lawn and garden irrigation; and almost 50 percent of that (potable) drinking water is wasted on lawns that are not even “thirsty.” Overwatering ‘tricks’ the turf into growing shallow roots, which then crave more frequent watering.

Combined with other water conservation strategies – like installing a “smart” irrigation controller and a rain sensor, completing watering before dawn, and cutting back the length or number of irrigation cycles – following the weekly WATER MY YARD irrigation suggestions will help you realize a trifecta – having a great looking lawn, avoiding wasting a valuable resource, AND saving money on your water bill.


Irry Gator

EXAMINE your irrigation system for clogged, broken, or missing sprinkler heads. Better yet, call in the pros…schedule a complete evaluation performed by a licensed irrigator.

INSPECT the connection points — where the sprinkler heads join the pipes and hoses. Be especially alert for any mysterious, persistent puddles or pools of water in the yard or landscaped area that could indicate a leak in the system. If you FIND one, FIX it!

AIM irrigation water where it belongs. Nothing is going to grow on your driveway, sidewalk, or other paved areas so make sure the sprinklers water ONLY yard or landscaped areas.

CONTROL the controller. When the seasons change, review and update the system’s settings. Don’t just set it and forget it!

Looking for a sure-fire way to know when to turn on the sprinklers?

Sign up today for the Water My Yard program that alerts you when your yard is thirsty and it’s time to give it some water.

The program is FREE and it helps you make informed decisions that allow you to use our finite water resources more efficiently.

Water Less and Save More